What We Trade

We Trade High Implied Volatility Options on almost any financial asset or instrument that can be traded including stocks, bonds REITs, commodity futures, contracts, some exchange-traded funds (ETFs), cryptos, Forex and NFTs.

Options Trading

Options are a powerful asset class when used correctly, they offer many advantages that trading stocks and ETFs alone cannot, because they can enhance an individual’s portfolio through added income, protection, and even leverage, they can generate recurring income since they are often used for speculative purposes.

Futures Trading

Futures are derivative financial contracts obligating the buyer to purchase or the seller to sell an asset at a predetermined future. Futures allows investors to speculate on the price of a financial instrument or commodity, can be used to hedge the price movement of an underlying asset to prevent losses from unfavorable price changes.

ETFs Trading

An exchange-traded fund (ETF) is a basket of securities that trades on an exchange just like a stock does. ETFs can track a particular index, sector, commodity, price of an individual commodity or a large and diverse collection of securities offering low expense ratios and fewer broker commissions than buying the stocks individually.

Currency Trading

The forex markets tend to be the largest and most liquid asset markets in the world, they exist as spot (cash) markets as well as derivatives markets, offering futures, options, and currency swaps. Forex is used to hedge against international currency and interest rate risk, to speculate on geopolitical events, and to diversify portfolios.

Crypto Trading

Cryptocurrencies are forms of digital assets based on a network distributed across a large number of computers. This structure allows them to exist outside the control of governments and central authorities, providing cheaper and faster money transfers and decentralized systems that do not collapse at a single point of failure.

Bonds Trading

Bonds are fixed-income instruments that represent a loan made by an investor to a borrower. Bond prices are inversely correlated with interest rates: when rates go up, bond prices fall and vice-versa. Governments and corporations commonly use bonds in order to borrow money, allowing many individual investors to assume the role of the lender.

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Success Rate

Our System

We Trade High Implied Volatility Options.

Volatility trading is different from other types of trading, regardless of the market's direction, up or down, you can make profits by trading the market swings. The higher the level of volatility, the more movement in the price, the bigger the profit, all that matters is that it swings. 8 out of every 10 trades we make using our strategy, are winners!!

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